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Dream Crusher Hope Smasher



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Some say that Dream Crusher Hope Smasher has been around since the beginning of time. Others whisper that they are from another planet entirely. No one knows for sure where they came from, or what their true motives are. To put it simply, Dream Crusher Hope Smasher is a musical enigma. With synth-driven musical algorithms, electronic drums and left-of-center guitar riffs, their sound spans multiple genres and transcends dimensions. Overlapping what might be dark wave, plastic soul and noise rock in a Venn diagram that centers on a lush wall of sound, they defy convention.

Dream Crusher Hope Smasher has always been driven by an innate sense of creativity and innovation. Their passion shines through in every note, drawing in fans from across the universe. Though little is known about the early days of the band, it’s possible that it was formed long before the rise of the third and fourth dimensions and passed down through the eons to the current members. What we do know is that the music touches people in a way that nothing else can, with full consent of course. 

Speaking to a bouncer at a small club during a rare show in Memphis, Tennessee, retired professor of arts and antiquities and famous dame Deidre Boozle, asked of DCHS’s music, “What is that?”. The bouncer’s response was immediate and clear, unmasked fear in his voice, “I don’t know lady. It's dark, it's light, it's beautiful, and it's horrifying all at the same time.”

Even less is known about the fans of Dream Crusher Hope Smasher. They are a secret society; an elite club in which membership is granted only to those who truly appreciate the music or pay a small fee or take the band to dinner. However, the members of the band keep a low profile to avoid being targeted by beings from "lesser" dimensions who just wouldn't understand their genius.

From the depths of the underworld to the farthest reaches of space, Dream Crusher Hope Smasher has always been one step ahead of the zeitgeist. Their legendary live shows and groundbreaking albums have them cemented as an iconic band in every sense imaginable--just not in your reality.

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